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  • PCWorld Shows How You Can Get a Start Menu and Windowed Modern Apps in Windows 8 Today! Island Dog
    PCWorld has an article up today showing how Windows 8 users don’t have to wait until Windows 9 or any other updates to get the Start menu back and put Modern apps in desktop windows.

    “For less than the cost of a pizza, you can have Windows 9’s most-anticipated improvements right now. And once you’ve welcomed a Start Menu replacement and ModernMix into your workflow—especially paired with the Windows 8.1 spring Update’s tremendous tweaks —you might just be surprised how well those newfang...

  • Catch Up with the Latest on WinCustomize Island Dog
    We’ve had quite a few skin submissions in the past couple of days, so lets take a look at some of the latest additions to the skin galleries.

  • ModernMix 1.14 Beta with Windows 8.1 Update 1 Support Now Available Island Dog
    The ModernMix 1.14 Beta with support for Windows 8.1 Update 1 is available now for download.

    Registered users can download the latest beta from their store accounts page at [ LINK ]. New users can begin a 30-day, fully functional trial of ModernMix by downloading [ LINK ]

     New in this update:

    Performance optimizations and fixes for Windows 8.1 Update [April 2014]Added option to suppress overlay when running full...

  • Roundup of This Weeks Skins and Themes on WinCustomize Island Dog
    Lets do a quick roundup of some skins and themes that were submitted to WinCustomize this past week.  We had a fantastic new Master WindowBlinds skin added, several animated wallpapers, some DesktopX and Sysmetrix goodies, and some real nice WindowBlinds skins.


  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Rumba Island Dog
    Rumba is the latest Master WindowBlinds skin from LightStar.  This has an overall fantastic design with a dark base, but brilliant use of color to highlight important ports of the Windows user interface.  It’s designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and also includes ObjectDock skins and wallpapers.  Don’t forget that WinCustomize Subscribers get a 20% discount!

    Rumba by LightStar

  • WindowBlinds Skin of the Week: Delta Quadrant Island Dog
    I’ve been working on some projects so I’ve been scarce on WinCustomize the past few days, but when I came back Delta Quadrant was the first new skin I saw, and wow!  I’ve said it before that dark skin are hard to pull off, but fortunately the talent we have here at WC comes through.  The design is just way cool, and offers are dark and light version to choose from.  2of3 did an excellent job with this and definitely deserves recognition as the WindowBlinds skin of the week.


  • WindowBlinds Skin of the Week: 1stClass Island Dog
    The WindowBlinds skin I wanted to feature this week is 1stClass from LightStar.  For those WindowBlinds users who are looking for a clean skin without going too wild will definitely appreciate this one.  Designed for Windows 7 and 8, it will be a welcome addition to your skin collection.

    Download: 1stClass by LightStar

  • Very Nice Mention for Start8 and ModernMix from Lifehacker DrJBHL

    Lifehacker was noting the update for Windows 8.1 with the Start Menu feature and the allowing apps to run in a desktop window and made mention of the Start8 and ModernMix Stardock apps which do that already...

    Nice to be noticed!

    And speaking about noticing, please note that the update to Start8 for the new Windows 8.1 update is available, per Island Dog.

  • Start8 1.40 With Windows 8.1 Update 1 Support Now Available Island Dog
    Start8 1.40 with support for the April 2014 Windows 8.1 Update is now available! Registered users can download the latest version from [ LINK ] New users can visit [ LINK ] to download a fully-functional 30-day trial version.

    Start8 1.40 includes:

    Supports Windows 8.1 Update Fix to allow clicking on section titles in search Fix for issue with documents showing in most recent apps list Fix to exclude desktop items from rece...

  • Keep Up-to-Date with the Latest Skins on WinCustomize Island Dog
    If you’ve missed out on the latest skin submissions to WinCustomize then take a look below and get caught up with just a sample of the newest skins available.

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