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  • Feature Friday: WindowBlinds Skins and More! Island Dog
    It’s finally Friday and as we end the week it’s a good time to look back and take a look at some of the skins that have been submitted to the WinCustomize gallery recently. There’s been some great WindowBlinds skins added recently with a nice variety of styles, so members should have no problem finding a great one to use.

    You can see all the recent skins on WinCustomize here: [ LINK ]

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Quibble Island Dog
    Quibble is the latest Master WindowBlinds skin from LightStar to make its way into the gallery. It has a great mix of colors and an overall fun design and includes a set of matching wallpapers. Get it today, and if you are a WinCustomize Subscriber don’t forget your 20% discount.

    Quibble by LightStar

  • Several New Master WindowBlinds Skins Available on WinCustomize Island Dog
    There’s been several new Master WindowBlinds skin made available on WinCustomize this week. Don’t forget that if you are a WinCustomize Subscriber you get a 20% discount on Master skins.

    All these skins work on Windows 7 and 8, and check their descriptions for further information.


    Gyrogol by starone


    Gax by LightStar


    Alloy Theme by adni18

  • WindowBlinds 8.1 update is available now. Island Dog
    Today we released the WindowBlinds 8.1 update that includes fixes for skinning issues with Thunderbird, Firefox, Skype and Directory Opus. We also improved support for high DPI displays. View the full changelog.Visit your Stardock account to download the update.  If you don’t already own WindowBlinds now is a great time to check it out. To learn more visit [ LINK ]

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Velodrome Island Dog
    Velodrome is the newest Master WindowBlinds skin from neone6. An automotive theme that includes several matching skins including a CursorFX theme, icons, wallpapers, and more. Be sure to take advantage of your 20% discount as a WinCustomize Subscriber. Velodrome by neone6

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Toxic Rainbow Island Dog
    Catching up on some recent Master skin additions to the site, we have Toxic Rainbow from Vampothika. This includes a WindowBlinds skin, CursorFX theme, Sysmetrix skin, icons, and wallpapers.  If you are a WinCustomize Subscriber grab it with your 20% discount.

    Toxic Rainbow by Vampothika

  • Lifehacker on the Story of Stardock Fences Island Dog
    Lifehacker has a great article up about the story behind Stardock Fences, which has become one of our most popular apps.

    “You might not realize you need Fences until you use it. It’s such a simple app that helps you organize your desktop icons into separate spaces—yes, fencing off different categories to organize your clutter.

    Fences was developed by Jeff Bargmann, a life long app developer who needed a way to organize his desktop back in high school. The idea stuck, and years lat...

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Nuclear Island Dog
    Nuclear is the newest Master WindowBlinds skin to hit the WinCustomize galleries. LightStar has created another fantastic skin with a great use of color and design. This skin is designed for Windows 7 and 8, and also includes a few wallpapers. WinCustomize Subscriber don’t forget your 20% discount on Master skins.

    Nuclear by LightStar

  • Stars Master Dream (Animated Wallpaper) Updated Island Dog
    Neil updated the Stars Master .dream today and I wanted to write about it as it’s one of the few dynamic .dreams we have available on WinCustomize. This animated wallpaper displays a field of moving stars that you can configure the number, size, color, and speed of the stars. You can also use your own wallpaper below the stars for a custom look.

    It was updated with 21:9 (super wide) screen support and better multiple monitor handling.

    Stars by Neil Banfield

  • Feature Friday: WindowBlinds and More WindowBlinds Skins! Island Dog
    We’ve had some really fantastic skins submitted to the WinCustomize galleries this week, and it was an especially good week for WindowBlinds skin. We had several WindowBlinds skins shared, but also a variety of other skins that should make worthy additions to your libraries.

    Lets check out what’s new this week:


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