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  • Start10 Now Available! Island Dog
    Make your Windows 10 Experience Better with Start10Stardock is excited to announce the release of Start10 which brings a more familiar look and feel to the Windows 10 start menu. The new start menu in Windows 10 has a very app-focused layout, and Start10 helps users with a familiar Windows 7 style layout, and also offers additional customization with just a few mouse clicks.Get Start10 for just $4.99!New in Start10 1.0:New options to change your taskbar including color, alpha, blur and texture.O...

  • Start10 1.01 Beta Now Available Island Dog
    The Start10 1.01 beta is now available and current customers can download from their Stardock account. Start10 brings a more familiar look and feel to the Windows 10 start menu.

    Included in this update:

    Bug FixesNew feature to control the start menu transparencyFor more information about Start10, please visit
     Object Desktop owners get Start10 for free!
    Get Start10 along with other popular Stardock apps like Fences and DeskScapes by becoming an Object Desk...

  • Stardock's Tiles and ShadowFX Updated with Windows 10 Support Island Dog
    Stardock is excited to announce that Tiles and ShadowFX are now supported on Windows 10!Tiles works by creating a side-bar on a user’s display. At the top of the side-bar are labels for each page such as ‘My Tiles’ or ‘Documents’ or ‘Apps’. Users can then drag and drop programs, documents, or website URLs onto Tiles. When the program is inactive, it appears as an icon. When it is active, it appears as a live preview tile. Learn more about Tiles ...

  • Stardock Has A New Support Page DrJBHL

    Thanks to both the web team and support team we have a brand new Support page!

    The new page has all the important links to those urls we all have been gleaning from various different threads. It’s all just become a whole lot easier.

    It’s very well organized and functional as well, and even has an instant chat (mibbit) widget embedded, so you can (M-F, 9am-5pm) reach support folks.

    To access this page and put it on your browser’s “Favorites”: [ LINK ]

  • June 2015 Promotions Jafo
    Americans.....Canadians....Aussies....Males....Females....we have them 'all' this time. 

    It's time once more to recognize those amongst us who have been seen "doing good things" in the World Of Skinning.



    grzegorz10 :- 

    sr21 :-


    Destrohelix :-

  • Paul Thurrott Shows How to Bring Back the Windows 7 Start Menu with Start10 Island Dog
    Paul Thurrott shows Windows 10 users how to get the Windows 7 start menu with Starock's Start10.

    “When I think about the experience of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there is only one major area of concern from a user experience standpoint: the new Start menu. Yes, Microsoft should be applauded for listening to customers and bringing it back. And yes, I do feel that the new menu is both usable and better than the version in Windows 7. But for many users, and businesses nervous a...

  • Start10 .99 Beta Update Now Available Island Dog
    Start10 .99 beta is now available for download. Start10 adds the familiar Windows 7 start menu experience to Windows 10. To learn more visit

    Update includes:

    Added OS blur for the default and modern themes when transparent.Now picks up the Windows 10 color scheme.Updated UI that brings the modern theme onto the main page and adds a more visual way to choose start buttons.New advanced style options.Current customers can download the update ...

  • Latest Master WindowBlinds Skins on WinCustomize Island Dog
    We’ve had quite a few Master WindowBlinds skins submitted recently, and I wanted to highlight some of the latest. If you are a WinCustomize Subscriber don’t forget you can get 20% off your Master skin purchases.


    Harmoniez by basj


    Lambro by starone


    Orex by LightStar


    Next Domain by Vampothika

  • Start10 .57 Update Now Available Island Dog
    Start10 .57 beta is now available for download. Start10 adds the familiar Windows 7 start menu experience to Windows 10. To learn more visit

    Win10 32 bit supportFix for updating from an older to a newer versionCurrent customers can download the update from their Stardock account.

  • KeepSafe 2.01 Released Island Dog
      Stardock has released an update to KeepSafe today.  KeepSafe is an application that offers real-time backup and seamless way to protect important data and documents.  If you have ever had an important document become corrupted while working on it, or lost an important revision you will appreciate what KeepSafe can do for you.

    KeepSafe is easily configured using wizards, and you can choose what file types to keep backed up, and even choose the location where to store them, ...

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