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  • Autumn Sale: Up to 75% off ALL Stardock software Island Dog
    Happy Thanksgiving (or, um, happy late November to our international friends)! What goes better with delicious home-cooked meals than great software at steep discounts?We certainly can’t think of anything. Or, at least, anything that is for sale for amazing prices on our store.Thanks for your support, and we hope your holiday (or non-holiday) treats you right!

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Tungsten Island Dog
    LightStar has a new Master WindowBlinds skin called Tungsten out this week.  This skin takes on a metallic look and is made to work with Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Wallpapers are also included with this skin, and don’t forget your 20% discount if you are a WinCustomize Subscriber.

    Tungsten by LightStar

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: DLorek Island Dog
    A new Master WindowBlinds has made its way into the WinCustomize galleries today called DLorek.  This has an industrial style and includes 3 sub-styles.  This skin is designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8, and if you are a WinCustomize Subscriber don’t forget your 20% discount.

    DLorek by basj

  • One Day Left for 50% Off Everything Stardock Island Dog
    The 50% off coupon for everything Stardock is ending tomorrow, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get Stardock games and software for half off!

  • Friday’s Skin Picks DrJBHL

    Fridays are the day Spencer generally sums up the week in skinning…so, I’ll be doing that today.

    We had a good week in skinning!

  • Stardock’s Thanksgiving Sale: 50% Off! DrJBHL

    Great news…Stardock has announced its annual 50% sale!


    Make tracks over to the Stardock store [ LINK ]

    And get what you need…

    Remember, it ends 11.25.14 at 11.59 PM Eastern time!

  • The Week in Skinning DrJBHL

    ID’s on vacation…so here are the picks from the past week in skinning! There was a glitch – hope the urls accompany the thumbs.





  • Feature Friday Skin Picks Island Dog
    As we head into the weekend, lets take a few minutes and check out some of the skins that came in to the WinCustomize galleries this week.

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Mira Island Dog
    Master Skinner LightStar has released his newest Master WindowBlinds skin called MIra.  This skin has some 3D design in it, and it’s done very well.  It complements the overall colors and design perfectly, so definitely consider adding this skin to your WindowBlinds collection.  If you are a WinCustomize Subscriber, don’t forget your 20% discount.

    Mira by LightStar

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Tek Island Dog
    LightStar has released a new Master WindowBlinds skin called Tek.  This has  a cool curved design on the skin with both light and dark explorer windows available.  It’s designed for Windows 7 and 8, and also includes matching wallpaper.  Don’t forget your 20% discount if you are a WinCustomize Subscriber!

    Tek by LightStar

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