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  • WindowBlinds 8.09 Released Island Dog
    Today we released a small update for WindowBlinds bringing it to version 8.09.

    Update includes:

    Fix for a Firefox titlebar issueAdded better support for high DPI displaysYou can download the update from your Stardock account, or via Object Desktop Manager.


  • Welcome’s Newest Master Skinner: Neone6 Island Dog
    I’m happy to finally announce our newest and last Master Skinner promotion for 2014 goes to neone6!  Neone6 has been a member since 2010, and during that time has shown a real dedication to skinning especially in the WindowBlinds area, but has a wide variety of skins in the galleries.  Andrew brings a unique style to WinCustomize, and has been recommended for promotion by several members of the community, other Master skinners, and fully agreed upon by the staff here at WC.


  • More Holiday Skins for Your Desktop Island Dog
    I just wanted to do another post about holiday skins since there’s only so much I can fit into one post, and we’ve had quite a few new skins and themes submitted recently.


  • Holiday Sale: Up to 75% off all Stardock software Island Dog
    It’s a beautiful day in our digital neighborhood, so why wouldn’t we put everything on sale for the holiday?No reason at all!All Stardock software is on sale up to 75% off in celebration of the many celebrations this time of year. No coupons necessary, just pick up whatever strikes your fancy for a lower price than you’d normally pay for it.Happy holidays, and may your 2015 be as productive and organized as you can stand!

  • Revisiting the WC Community Holiday Suite '09 Island Dog
    I had almost forgotten about this, but I was looking for holiday skins today and there it was!  If you don’t remember or weren’t a member of the site, this was a community project back in 2009 in which several community member coordinated to create this really beautiful suite of various skins.  We’ve done community projects since then, but I think this one was one of the best.

    This is the WindowBlinds skin that was the base of the project which was created by X...

  • Post Your December Desktop Screenshots! Island Dog
    Wow, it’s December already and for some of you I hear it’s a pretty cold one as well.  With that being said, this month’s screenshot thread is open and is a perfect place to show off your holiday desktops.  I’ll be featuring holidays skins in the WinCustomize news area, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

    Post your December desktops here: [ LINK ]

  • Decorate Your Desktop for Christmas with Wallpapers, Skins, and Themes Island Dog
    The Christmas season is always a great time to get your Windows desktop decorated with a variety of skins and themes including wallpapers, WindowBlinds skin, cursor themes, desktop gadgets, and much more.  We have many holiday inspired skins on WinCustomize, and I’ll be highlighting as many as I can throughout the month. 

    WindowBlinds skins


    DeskScapes (Animated wallpapers)




  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Yosemite Island Dog
    Master skinner LightStar has a new WindowBlinds skin published called Yosemite.  This is a great way to have a bit of Mac on your desktop with this skin designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Don’t forget your 20% discount for WinCustomize Subscribers on Master Skins.

    Yosemite by LightStar

  • Autumn Sale: Up to 75% off ALL Stardock software Island Dog
    Happy Thanksgiving (or, um, happy late November to our international friends)! What goes better with delicious home-cooked meals than great software at steep discounts?We certainly can’t think of anything. Or, at least, anything that is for sale for amazing prices on our store.Thanks for your support, and we hope your holiday (or non-holiday) treats you right!

  • New Master WindowBlinds Skin: Tungsten Island Dog
    LightStar has a new Master WindowBlinds skin called Tungsten out this week.  This skin takes on a metallic look and is made to work with Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Wallpapers are also included with this skin, and don’t forget your 20% discount if you are a WinCustomize Subscriber.

    Tungsten by LightStar

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